Creative Placemaking

Creative Placemaking on Central Avenue

Creative placemaking has become important to the experience and benefits of shopping local. Public art, in its many forms, can rejuvenate a neighborhood when done correctly. It brings new energy and vibrancy to neighborhoods. CASID’s art initiatives have grown out of the belief that creative placemaking contributes to the economic and cultural vitality of neighborhoods. We have access to the numerous artists that live in the neighborhood given that our shopping district is adjacent to the Riverview Arts District. Continue reading below to see how CASID has used creative placemaking to bring “life” to the Heights neighborhood.

Public Art on Traffic Boxes

The “Streetscapes” Beautification Art Project is an artistic way to beautify the Heights. A stroll down Central Avenue is needed to fully appreciate the awe-inspiring transformations of the City’s utility boxes. Each of the seven located at the traffic lights on Central Ave and its cross streets where done by artists from the community. Each artist used his or her creativity to change the visual interpretation of the boxes. Pictured here, artist E. Jan Kounitz stands with producer Ricardo (Kari Signs) next to their “It Ain’t Arles” work of art. This work is a photograph of a large sunflower that grew right here in JC Heights on Mountain Road adjacent to the Palisade Cliffs. This is just one of the seven amazing transformations that have to be seen to be believed.

“Streetscapes” Beautification Art Project

Wall Murals on Central Avenue

Besides being a great place to shop, Central Avenue in the Heights offers an outdoor gallery of artistic expression. Artists from the community were commissioned to paint murals on a select hand full of the exposed building walls. Our district is home to a growing series of murals that have caught the eyes and attention of many visitors and shoppers. Well executed murals have reenergized the City by making it an artist destination. From vivid descriptions of Central Avenue to notable landmarks around the City, each Central Avenue mural has something special to offer. The professional artists who created these works are proud of the stories each piece tells of the rich history of Jersey City. Click here for more JC Heights Murals

Window Painting on Participating Central Ave Storefronts

CASID, in partnership with local schools, has started a new family-friendly tradition in Jersey City. This event is sure to strengthen the bond between residents and businesses as well as create long-lasting memories for the local children and families which support our shopping district. Window painting on participating storefront windows will be a new way art continues to unite our community. Jersey City grade school students are occasionally invited to paint on participating storefront windows within the Central Avenue shopping district (between Manhattan Avenue and North Street). 

Auto and Music Show on Central Avenue

Hosted by Central Avenue’s business community, the Auto and Music Show is a day-long family-friendly affair. Participating businesses will distribute thousands of free giveaways and hold one-day sales. Local restaurants are welcoming visitors with a “Taste of the Heights” to compliment the free concerts. Kids will be treated to guest appearances from some of their favorite costumed characters in addition to free face painting, balloons, and spin art.
Central Avenue Auto & Music Show 2017 |2016 | 2015

Everything Jersey City Festival

The last annual Everything Jersey City Festivaloriginally scheduled for Saturday, May 18th, 2013, was canceled. To local residents and visitors, a festival is a fun way to spend a day celebrating their community with family and friends. But for the CASID and its members, festivals and other events present a unique opportunity to showcase the rich cultural and economic life of the Heights’ main street. The traffic and parking disruptions involved in a festival do make it necessary for businesses to change the way that they operate for one day, but the long-term benefits are clear. By bringing thousands – even tens of thousands – of people to Central Avenue for a festival, the CASID offers businesses the chance to put their best face forward and bring those same people back as regular customers throughout the year. Festivals & Fairs