Central Avenue SID Sanitation

Central Avenue is a busy urban commercial corridor with a large amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Consequently, the busy nature of our main street community produces demanding sanitation needs. It takes a team effort to keep our district clean starting with:

  1. Merchants sweeping their adjacent sidewalks regularly
  2. The City’s mechanical streetsweeper cleaning both sides of the roadway 6 days a week
  3. The City’s litter patrol program maintaining public spaces clean (i.e. tree beds, litter receptacles, sidewalks, sewer catch basins, etc.).

To further supplement these efforts, the Central Avenue SID program uses its limited resources to service other sanitation-related needs of the district. CASID has hired Commercial District Services to service the district eight days (8) a month for landscaping, hand-bill removal, curb painting, cleaning public touch surfaces, and other occasional maintenance needs of the district.

This operation provides several important services on the Avenue including:

LandscapingSnow Removal in Public Spaces
Daily Streetscape SanitationRemoval of Graffiti & Hand Bills
Keeping Track of Streetscape Fixtures

Keeping Track of Streetscape Fixtures

There are many streetscape fixtures on Central Avenue (streetlights, sewer basins, parking meters, trees, garbage cans, benches, etc.). If a fixture were to fall into disrepair, it would then become a danger to the public and an eyesore.

CASID keeps an inventory of the 133 streetlights within the district. Any streetlight found in disrepair is immediately reported to PSE&G. Those repairs are done almost immediately and the district continues to be a safe place during the evening hours.

Any member of the community that identifies a broken street fixture on Central Avenue can report and the CASID office will follow up.

SID Members Doing their Part

Central Avenue merchants are strongly encouraged to sweep their sidewalks at the beginning of each day. While they are indoors working hard to serve their customers, the SID’s staff swept up new litter; manages the forty-six (46) litter receptacles throughout the district; coordinates municipal garbage pick-ups; relays garbage complaints and violations from member businesses to the City each morning; kept an inventory of streetscape fixtures in need of repair; landscapes; removes light graffiti and handbills, and removed snow at public crosswalks during wintertime tree pruning to cleaning out a hundred and fifteen (115) tree pits, there is plenty of landscaping work to do on Central Avenue especially in the spring season.

Removal of Graffiti & Hand Bills

Like any urban environment, graffiti and handbills are factors on Central Avenue. The CDS and DPW staff takes every opportunity to remove these eyesores if not report them.

The CASID reminds all who wish to post a handbill that there is a community bulletin board in the center of the district. Posting your handbill or flier there is free of charge.

Because handbills and fliers deface public property and ultimately become litter, the authorities are enforcing handbill regulations in which violators are subject to fines.

Snow Removal at Cross Walks

During and after snowfalls, the CDS and DPW carry on with regular duties that include snow removal in public spaces, clearing of passages to fire hydrants, garbage cans, benches, mailboxes, and crosswalks. Proper snow removal will be enforced with the passing of each snowfall. According to Jersey City Code Chapter 296 (Streets and Sidewalk Maintenance), it is the duty of every owner, occupant, or person having charge of a commercial building to clear the sidewalk of snow to the extent of one (1) foot outside the curb in front of the building with removal finishing within four (4) hours after the snow has fallen. Each building owner or ground floor merchant is expected to do their part. Violators will immediately face fines of $100.00 or more.