Administrative Services

The CASID office isn’t just an office; it’s a solution center for property owners, current businesses, prospective businesses, and the neighboring community. All the administrative services provided by CASID are focused on maximizing the benefits the organization offers to its members and Jersey City as a whole. A team of professionals provides CASID with the administrative services that are an important foundation for any organization (i.e. accounting and bookkeeping, office management, bylaws, etc.) which then allows the focus of the program to remain on assisting SID members and other neighborhood stakeholders.

Member Services

The CASID office is a starting place for members who may need help with the following:

If the CASID can’t solve a problem directly, it can serve as an effective liaison with the agency that can. The CASID is also a solution center for entrepreneurs who may soon be new CASID members and have questions about opening a business here. Anyone thinking of opening up a business on the Avenue is highly encouraged to schedule an appointment with the CASID office to have their questions answered.

Services Available to the Public

The CASID understands that the vitality of the Central Avenue business community is closely linked to the quality of life in the Heights as a whole. Local residents, shoppers and other Heights stakeholders often share the same concerns as CASID members, and the CASID is available as a resource to anyone with local concerns. In addition to many of the issues listed under Member Services, the CASID can assist the public with:

If you would like to take advantage of any of these services, contact us! If we are not the solution to your problem, we’ll help you find one.