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Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation

Welcome to the website for the Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation (CASID) and surrounding Jersey City community. It was our intention to create a website which could communicate ideas, events, and important announcements quickly and efficiently with local residents, shoppers, and of course, members of the CASID.

Most importantly, this website is a tool for the business community to connect with the neighboring community we do business with. It is full of useful information pertaining to Jersey City and one of its premier shopping areas, the Central Avenue Business District.

Visit our news area for business and community updates. See our Business Spotlight articles to learn about some of our legendary businesses and their owners. Check out our business directory and restaurant guide to see what’s new on the Avenue. Are you a new resident or new business owner and you don’t know much about the Jersey City? Explore our site and you will be an expert in no time. Be sure to learn how your Special Improvement Distirct is at work for you.

Be sure to frequently check back in with us as this web site will continue to evolve as feedback is received from users like you. Enjoy the site!

Fun Facts about Central Avenue

  • Central Avenue is a Hudson County road. It is known as CR 633.
  • The shopping district is 14 blocks long and 3/4 of a mile.
  • There is only one true four way intersection in the shopping district – Hutton Street.
  • Most intersections on Central Avenue are T-intersections.
  • Central Avenue took shape in the 1800s. The first Model T-Ford hit the road in 1908.
  • Central Avenue was the main street for Hudson City (1860 – 1870) before Jersey City.

District Management Corporation

Mission Statement The Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation (CASID) was established to improve and preserve the traditional main street community in the “heart” of the Jersey City Heights (Central Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and North Street). Its mission is to make the district a center for shopping, dining, working and living. It works…Read More

Board of Trustees

Meet CASID’s Board of Trustees Central Avenue’s Special Improvement District Management Corporation is driven by the stakeholders who pay the SID assessment to finance the organization. A basic function of any corporation is for stakeholders to meet, discuss meaningful solutions to challenges, and then make collective decisions with the administrative means to act. The SID program ensures…Read More

Meeting Schedule

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule CASID Meetings are held in-person at the CASID office (366 Central Avenue, 2nd Floor, Jersey City, NJ) and are open to the public. As meetings may become postponed or relocated due to unforeseen events, please contact the CASID office to confirm the scheduled meeting and announce your intention to participate prior…Read More

Support Services

Every organization needs support services to achieve its mission. The CASID Management Corporation is administered by a team of professionals who assist the volunteer Board of Trustees. Consequently, the SID program spends less time on essential routine administrative work and instead focuses on helping SID members with collective decision-making and attaining reasonable goals in the district.