Board of Trustees

Meet CASID’s Board of Trustees

Central Avenue’s Special Improvement District Management Corporation is driven by the stakeholders who pay the SID assessment to finance the organization. A basic function of any corporation is for stakeholders to meet, discuss meaningful solutions to challenges, and then make collective decisions with the administrative means to act. The SID program ensures that stakeholders have the opportunity to meet nearly every month and routinely administer this process thereby giving all business and commercial property owners within the district a venue to have their voices heard, make collective decisions, form important partnerships, and contribute towards improving the neighborhood.

In total, there are nine (9) Trustee positions in the SID/ District Management Corporation. Seven (7) members of the corporation are elected from a pool of nearly 450 stakeholders to serve on the Board of Trustees. Elections occur every two years at an Annual Meeting of the Corporation. It is the responsibility of the Trustees to govern the CASID organization, uphold its bylaws, and maintain the mission to further the economic and social revitalization occurring in Jersey City. Elected trustees volunteer their valued time with NO monetary compensation. They do, however, take pride in fulfilling their civic duty to care for Jersey City as good neighbors and business people.

The remaining two (2) trustee positions are appointed by the Jersey City Mayor and include one member of the City Council and one head of an agency of the City of Jersey City to serve as the liaison to the Mayor and his executive department.

Trustee terms of service are scheduled as follows:

CLASSTerm BeginsTerm Ends
Class AJuly 1, 2023June 30, 2025
Class BJuly 1, 2023June 30, 2027
Class CJuly 1, 2021June 30, 2025
City Council Representative (Appointment)August 28, 2019August 27, 2020
Mayor’s Representative (Appointment)March 1st, 2022March 1st, 2023

Sanford Fishman

Former President and Honorary Trustee

Gilbert Mendez

Vice President - S

Joe Nachbaur

Vice President - N

Sergio Ferreira


Gary Solomon


Eddy Gallo


John Gichuru


Mitzi Tejada