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The Heights Neighborhood & Community

If you had to take an inventory of the top 100 greatest American Cities, Jersey City would be towards the top of the list. Throughout greater American History, Jersey City has always been distinguished by its rich neighborhood communities and its people. From a Dutch settlement in 1660, Jersey City grew to its current size by a gradual consolidation of smaller independent towns within first Bergen County and later Hudson County. Those previous towns now form the basis of the many neighborhoods that make up the Jersey City we have come to know and love today. Although Jersey City is the largest municipality in the State of New Jersey, its neighborhoods can’t escape that small town feeling. As in many urban areas, residents often take pride in not only Jersey City but their certain neighborhood within the city. Come experience the Heights Section of Jersey City.

Community Leaders gather on Central Avenue (Photo from Left to Right): Jeffery H. Kaplowitz (Plaza Realty Corp); Sanford Fishman (CASID, Bond Drugs); Joe Joseph E. Callandrillo (Heights Community Relations Council); Vincent McNamara (Heights Hope Block Association President); Doris Stoldt (AARP Chapter 5102, President); Doris Cappeluti (Heights Hope Block Association); Frank D’alessandrow (Waverly Street Block Association, President); Steve Latham (Reservoir Preservation Alliance, President); Pankaj Kapadia (PS#8 School Block Association, President); Eliza Wright (CCTV Oversight Committee Chairperson) Joseph Napolitano (Pershing Field Little League, President); George Hogan (Heights Community Relations Council Block Association, President); Joseph Napolitano, Sr.; Laura Scholar President (Pershing Field Garden Friends, President); Nikki Sirken (Pershing Field Garden Friends); Clifford Steinbring (Riverview Neighborhood Block Association); Mary Quinones (Sherman Place Block Association, President); Mary Mills (Heights Hope Block Association); Michael Yun (CASID President, Garden State News)

The neighborhood’s unified voice continues to push the Heights and Jersey City forward.

Art in The Heights

Public art – love it or hate, it if it starts a conversation and captures one’s imagination it has fulfilled its purpose. Given Jersey City’s thriving art community, public displays of artistic talent are seen all over the Heights. From the statues at Leonard Gordon Park to the decorated utility boxes on Central Avenue, a simple stroll through the Heights can turn into a wonderful cultural experience.

List of Public Art in The Heights

Demographics/ Neighborhood Profile

The consumer market in Jersey City is shifting with young urban professionals moving in while many from the older community are moving on. Jersey City continues to be a great place to live, work, dine, and shop. Are you considering a move to the Heights? Don’t just rely on facts and figures to make the decision, come experience it for yourself. Our traditional neighborhood community is ready to welcome you home.
Demographics/ Neighborhood Profile

Community Centers and Banquet Halls in The Heights

Looking for a local community center to hold a large meeting or banquet hall for a party? You have come to the right place. Although each location has something special to offer, the places listed below are featured due to unique features and/ or because they are available for rent. Corresponding contact information is provided for each if you are interested in using the space.

Community Centers in The Heights

Education, Schools and Local Universities

Jersey City’s public, charter and private schools have something to offer children of all ages and academic interests. Besides educating the city’s youth, strong schools act as anchors for entire neighborhoods, offering community meeting space, events and reasons for young families to stay in Jersey City. And after graduation, students can find first-class post secondary education and professional training at one of Hudson County’s many colleges and universities.

List of Schools, Colleges & Universities Near The Heights

Parks and Recreation

The Parks of Jersey City Heights provide the unique experience of relaxing open spaces in an urban center.  Each of the six parks has a distinctive quality that is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. From Leonard Gordon Park which boosts magnificent sculptures and artwork, to the relaxation and exploration of the tranquil pond at Reservoir #3, to the various recreational adventures such as ice skating and swimming at Pershing Field.  Both Washington Park and Pershing Field have little league teams and Riverview Park is an exceptional place to gather and view the fireworks on 4th of July. For local residents old and young as well as visitors alike, the parks create a place to gather for a break from city life. Jersey City’s infrastructure offers an enhanced quality of life for its residents and visitors compared to other urban centers.

List of Parks in The Heights

Jersey City Free Public Library – Heights Branch

“The Hudson City Branch of the Free Public Library of Jersey City was first opened to the public on December 9, 1911, in rented rooms on the south-west corner of Central Avenue and Lincoln Street. It was an immediate success, and the work increased so rapidly that it was soon found that these rooms were inadequate to give the people of the Hudson City section suitable library facilities.”

So begins the commemorative booklet chronicling the “Hudson City Branch” opening at its present location of 14 Zabriskie Street, which occurred on October 1, 1918. According a news report in The Jersey Journal on October 2, 1918, the formal opening was “attended by a large and enthusiastic audience. American flags and those of the Allies [of World War I] decorated the interior of the new edifice…”Mayor Hague made the opening address, declaring that Hudson City ‘‘deserved the best and finest library in the city.'”

Jersey City Free Public Library – Heights Branch

Neighborhood Block Associations

It is often frustrating to address neighborhood issues, especially when more time is spent pointing fingers then getting things accomplished. For this reason, many residents take the responsibility upon themselves to care for their neighborhoods by organizing a block association. These associations empower neighborhoods to take action on a number of issues and concerns. Well-organized and established block associations are often considered the voices of the community and gain the respect of elected officials, government, and business people. In Jersey City, you will find some of the most creative and inspiring Neighborhood Block Associations in the nation.

List of Block Associations

Neighborhood Non-Profit & Community Organizations

There are many Non-Profit and Community Organizations in Jersey City. Though they start out like many block associations, these organizations empower people to take action on a specific issue. Often local Non-Profit and Community Organizations work together to achieve a common goal – to further progress in Jersey City.  

List of Neighborhood Organizations

Senior Living

With many mass transit options, walkable communities, and shopping right around the corner, Jersey City continues to attract both the young and old. According to the U.S. Census data of 2000, nearly 10% (23,500) of the population in Jersey City is 65 years of age or older. Approximately 20% (5,000) of those seniors live in the Heights Section of Jersey City. Our highly valued senior citizens contribute greatly to the sense of community and local commerce.

List of Senior Organizations & Housing

Volunteer Opportunities in the Heights: Get Involved

There are many rewards attached to volunteering. Helping others and feeling good about your community are two that first come to mind. For some students, they may bee searching for ways to fulfill “Community Service Requirements”.

If you are someone who has spent many hours volunteering, you may not understand why there are people who don’t get involved. Conversely, if you are someone who has never volunteered, you probably don’t get what the hype is all about.

List of Local Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Programs

Jersey City offers several youth programs and clubs to keeps our youngsters entertained and growing strong both physically and mentally.

List of Local Youth Organizations and Clubs