Jersey City Heights Parks

Leonard J. Gordon Park

Leonard J. Gordon Park is located in the Heights on Manhattan Street and Kennedy Boulevard.  The park features a wide range of recreational activities such as a basketball court and soccer field. There is a playground with swings for the children to play and a dog run for your pet to enjoy as well. Leonard Gordon Park is also known for its art work displays. The artistic works have made this park a landmark in the community. Leonard Gordon Park contains works from such artists as Solon Hannibal Borglum who created larger than life statutes of a buffalo and bear. This is just some of the amazing art to be seen at the park. Besides its recreation features, the park has a gazebo providing exquisite views of the manicured lawns surrounding it. Perfect for a picnic or just to relax, Leonard Gordon Park provides a complete day of family fun. To get involved with the activities and events in this park, contact the Leonard Gordon Park Conservancy.

Pershing Field Memorial Park

Pershing Field Memorial Park is a large park which is located in the center of the Heights. Pershing Field offers a variety of fun activities to local residents and visitors. There is a playground with swings for children to enjoy and in the summer months the children take advantage of the sprinklers which provide hours of fun. Pershing Field also offers many sport activities. The field has its own baseball league called Pershing Field Babe Ruth League. There are also two basketball courts and four tennis courts. Other recreational activities which the park boosts are an ice skating rink, a swimming pool, and an outdoor running track (approx. 1/3 mile long). Beyond recreational activities, Pershing Field also has a community center that can be used by residents. For more information call the office of the Pershing Field Pool at (201) 547- 4392. What to get involved with activities in Pershing Field? Contact Pershing Field Garden Friends.

Reservoir #3

Reservoir #3 is a peaceful place located a stones throw from Pershing Field. With entrances from either Summit Ave or Jefferson Street the reservoir boosts 14 beautiful acres and a pond for fun and relaxation. On scheduled dates throughout the year local residents and visitors are allowed to fish and kayak in the reservoir. This is an oasis in the city to be taken advantage of on a beautiful day. What to learn more and get involved with the reservoir? Contact the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance.

Riverview Fisk Park

Riverview Fisk Park is a wonderful park located at the edge of the Heights. Riverview is located on Palisade Avenue. The park contains magnificent views of both the New York City Skyline and the Hudson River as well as the Verrazano Bridge and the George Washington Bridge. These views can be enjoyed while relaxing in the park gazebo. The Park also has a host of recreational activities such as two basketball courts and a playground for children. Due to the amazing views, Fourth of July has become a major day for the park. On this holiday thousands of people gather to watch the displays of fireworks across the New York skyline. This has become a tradition for lots of families and brings many newcomers each year. To get involved with the activities and events Riverview Fisk Park, contact the Riverview Neighborhood Association.

Sgt. Anthony Park

Sgt. Anthony Park is a small park that is located on Palisade Avenue near highway 139. It is well known for its playground and basketball courts. It is mostly used by residents near Christ Hospital and Dickenson High School.

Washington Park

Washington Park is the only county park in the Heights. The park is shared by both Jersey City and Union City. The park it self is a very large and peaceful park that contains a lot of sporting activities. This park offers four baseball diamonds, seven tennis courts, two racquetball courts, two basketball courts and one soccer field. For the dogs Washington Park provides an area dedicated to Fido. Washington Park also contains a playground for kids of all ages and sprinklers for the little ones to enjoy. For the adults, the park has two gazebos with seating to relax and enjoy nature There is also a picnic area for a nice picnic with family and friends. Washington Park has parking available for a complete day for fun of all ages. To get involved with the activities and events in Washington Park, contact the Washington Park Association of Hudson County .