Meeting Schedule

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule

CASID Meetings are open to the public via Zoom. As meetings may become postponed or relocated due to unforeseen events, 

Please contact the CASID office to confirm the scheduled meeting and announce your intention to participate prior to attending: Email or Ph: (201) 656-1366

December7th2021 Tuesday 6:00 PM Virtual MeetingHELD
January12th 2022Wednesday6:00 PMVirtual Meeting CANCELED
February9th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMVirtual Meeting HELD
March16th2022Wednesday 6:30 PMVirtual Meeting HELD
April6th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMVirtual MeetingHELD
May4th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMVirtual MeetingHELD
June8th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMVirtual Meeting HELD
July13th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMVirtual MeetingHELD
August10th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMVirtual MeetingHELD
September14th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMHybrid (In-Person/ Virtual) Meeting HELD
October12th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMVirtual Meeting HELD
November16th2022Wednesday 6:00 PMHybrid (In-Person/ Virtual) Meeting 
December7th2022Wednesday 6:00 PM

The CASID Office is located at 366 Central Avenue, 2nd Floor, Jersey City, NJ 07307.

Annual Meeting of the Corporation

LastMarch16th2022Wednesday6:00 PMVirtual MeetingHELD
NextMarch15th2023Wednesday6:00 PM 

Meeting Agenda: Release of Annual Report and members will vote to adopt next budget.

Board of Trustees Elections is held every two years at the Annual Meeting of the Corporation. The next election will be held on March 15, 2023

Special Meeting of the Corporation: Referendum to Extend the SIDSpecial Meeting of the Corporation: Referendum to Extend the SID

LastOctober132020Tuesday6:00 PMVirtual MeetingHELD
NextOctober142025Tuesday6:00 PMVirtual Meeting 

Meeting Agenda: As per CASID’s Sunset Clause, a referendum vote must be taken at least once every five years to continue S.I.D. Program for another term.

Private Meeting Requests

The CASID office isn’t just an office; it’s a solution center for current businesses, prospective businesses and the neighboring community. If the CASID can’t solve a problem directly, it can serve as an effective liaison between businesses and the public agencies, utilities or businesses that can. The CASID office is available to meet with anyone who has a specific concern related to the shopping district. All private meeting requests should be emailed to the office. Walk-ins may be turned away.