Development Improvements

Improvement District organizations are vehicles for change. Its stakeholders (business and commercial property owners within the district) often engage in community development and infrastructure projects by embracing the collective decision-making process the SID enables. As Jersey City continues to grow, Central Avenue stakeholders maintain their efforts to create new partnerships that will benefit our main street community in a variety of ways. Planning for the future, large developments, and crafting meaningful public policy are only possible when stakeholders work together. This web page lists new and past projects that impact property value and infrastructure in the Central Avenue shopping corridor.

City Projects:

Central Avenue Streetscape and Roadway Improvement Project 2020

The CASID is excited to announce that the City of Jersey City has initiated plans for a Central Avenue Streetscape & Roadway Improvements project. This highly anticipated, and very necessary, rehabilitation project will be implemented starting this September (2020) and replace all sidewalks and repave the roadway in the shopping district. [Read More]

Proposed Parking Deck for Municipal lot #49 (aka Burger King Lot)

The Division of City Planning completed their report on the Central Avenue Block 2901 Study Area determining that the area meets the criteria for a non-condemnation redevelopment area. The study area was finalized and approved at the 10/30/18 Jersey City Planning Board then approved by the City Council in November 2018. The Division of City Planning, in partnership with the CASID, held community meetings on 6/5/19, 6/25/19, 7/20/19, and 7/22/20 to draft the actual redevelopment plan. The redevelopment plan (link below) received Planning Board approval on April 13th 2021. The plan was approved in City Ordinance 21-032 on May 26, 2021 unanimously by the City Council. The next stop is for the Redevelopment Agency to administer the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and the City Council will vote on that selection. Thank you to all for your ongoing efforts and support for our main street community. To view the City Council Meeting Video please click here.

In the News:

Mayor Fulop Reaffirms Commitment to Heights Parking Deck and New Police Station in Annual Address

On February 22, 2018, Mayor Steven Fulop gave his annual State of the City Address. Among other citywide improvements, he noted that the City is finalizing plans to build a parking deck and police station in the Heights. [Read More]

The City Council approved a resolution (17-913) last November that would initiate a redevelopment study on the site of the proposed parking deck on Central Avenue. The Division of Planning is expected to present the study to the City Council soon for approval moving the project into the next phase.

Reservoir #3 to get $6M overhaul (near CASID’s southern entrance)

Jersey City will spend the next year upgrading Reservoir 3 in a long-awaited $6 million project that city officials say will make the hidden oasis in the Heights a “special” recreational destination, the city announced Friday. has the full story.

New North District Police Precinct on Central Avenue

The current North District Police precinct is located at 282 Central Avenue and was built in 1902. It has been overlooked over the years with regard to needed improvements. Mayor Steven Fulop’s administration is working with an architect to create a new vision for the North District’s new police station that is state of the art and also includes off-street parking so that we can free up valuable parking along Central Avenue. The facility will be built as efficiently as possible, aiming to achieve LEED Silver certification. City Resolution 18-883 pg 254

Private Infrastructure:

New Development Approved for

433 Central Avenue

In December 2021, developers proposed improving the current two (2) story building into five (5). This adds to the demand for main street living is driving the local rental market upwards and the supply of new rental units will help alleviate demand. This development project will also add 2,195 sf commercial space. All while staying consistent with the existing architecture in the district to maintain neighborhood character. Planning Board meeting scheduled for March 8th, 2022 at 5:30 pm via zoom. Link to the meeting.

New Development Approved for

281 Central Avenue

In July 2020, the Jersey City Planning Board approved the proposed renovation and development of an existing three 3-story mixed-use building with ground floor commercial and two (2) residential units into a 5-story mixed-use building with ground floor commercial and seven (7) residential units. This Central Avenue building is located near Hutton Street across from the North District Police Precinct. Learn more about The Beckford.

New Development Approved for

428 Central (NE corner of South St.)

The City of Jersey City approved plans on January 21, 2020, for a new 5 story building at 428-434 Central Ave (NE corner of South St.) which includes 2,400 SF of commercial space on the ground floor and 32 new residential units above.

New Development Approved for

345 Central (aka Rent-A-Center)

Jersey City’s Zoning Board gave approvals on 12/20/18 for a development project at 345 Central Avenue. The project will convert an existing two-story structure into a 5 story building with 27 new residential units (19 one-bedrooms; 8 two bedrooms) and nearly 7,000 sf of commercial space on the ground floor. The developer has announced Fresh n Save Market Place will occupy the storefront once the project is completed. New housing is welcomed along The Heights main thoroughfare as demand for housing continues to surpass inventory in the neighborhood. The new units are ideal for residents that choose to be car-free and enjoy the benefits of main street living.

New Development Approved for 506 Central (aka C-Town)

Many Enjoyed Parklet on Central Avenue

Central Avenue welcomed a parklet in the summer of 2019 and it stayed through November. It was located by Gino’s Pizzeria/ Advanced Foot & Ankle Care/ Dulce De Leche Bakery near Charles Street. This experiment consisted of converting a metered parking space limited to one (1) motor vehicle into a new public space for pedestrians. We are happy to report many more people used and enjoyed the parklet compared to the number of vehicles that would have parked there. [Check the Fact Sheet].

Learn more about Jersey City’s parklets and give feedback.

Pedestrian Enhancement Plan

In September 2017, many came together to participate in the one-day “Parklet” demonstration near Dulce De Leche Bakery/ Gino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant. The demonstration centered on a new study for a Jersey City Pedestrian Enhancement Plan (campaign known as JC Walks). The City of Jersey City launched this study to understand how to make streets better for walking. Enhancing the pedestrian environment will make it more attractive and safer for residents and visitors to walk around the city. The final report is now available online. Check out the section on Central Avenue on pages 62-67.

Central Avenue Joins Jersey City’s Restaurant Row

In March 2016, Jersey City’s City Council unanimously voted on the recommendation to expand Jersey City’s Restaurant Overlay Zone (ROZ) to The Heights.

Central Avenue and Palisade have joined Downtown’s Newark Avenue in Jersey City’s Restaurant Row as a result of the expansion thus improving the Heights as a dining destination. The ROZ has many benefits and holds the potential to attract new businesses, jobs, and shoppers to the district. With over 50 storefront locations already in the foodservice industry along Central Avenue, foodies love The Heights neighborhood.

Discussion on Central Avenue Redevelopment

There is a buzz in the neighborhood about redeveloping Central Avenue. The Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation, an organization of business and commercial property owners within the shopping district, is happy to engage in this discussion with the community to explore the pros and cons of creating a plan for the main thoroughfare serving The Heights and surrounding Hudson County community. This Jersey City neighborhood and most of the buildings standing on Central Avenue today were established sometime between the mid to late 1800s. The aging infrastructure of our main street is well over 130 years old and requires large investments and upgrades to create new housing units and attract quality businesses.

Jersey City Revaluation and Real Estate

Jersey City’s real estate growth is undeniable as it was recently named the top sizzling hot real estate market in New Jersey by NJ Advance Media. A lot has changed since it last performed a property revaluation in 1988 so, in the interest of tax fairness, a new revaluation is necessary and underway. An update from City Hall has revealed that most neighborhoods in the Heights section of Jersey City will benefit from property tax relief with a reduction anywhere between 16% to 25%. The area identified as Washington Village (Ogden Avenue) will likely see an increase of 7%. Based on the data that the City has already provided, Jersey City may have one of the lowest property tax rates in the State (about $1.621) after completing the revaluation. This translates to $16,200 in property taxes for every $1 Million in accessed value of your property. For more information on the Jersey City reval, please follow these links to useful resources: