The Jersey City Heights is Ready to Welcome You Home!

The Jersey City Heights is the hidden jewel of New York City.  As a diverse mecca of culture, activities, and events one is sure to find whatever he or she may be looking for within reasonable reach in this up and coming area.

If you are interested in buying or renting a home, then look no look no further than life on the Palisades!  With open space and recreational activities at our parks set-up for vigorous activities or outdoor lounging, one has the option to escape the fast-paced city with ease.  Friendly interaction of neighbors, which is a rare oddity in today’s world, especially in large cities, is all around the Heights. 

We encourage you to find just about everything you may be looking for in the Jersey City Heights!

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For more information about living in the Heights, several local realtors can help you find all the facts you’re looking for. Operating directly out of the Heights, and in very nearby locations, these realtors are very familiar with the area, including all quality of life details. Even better still, these realtors are easily accessible and are patiently awaiting providing you with an extensive tour of Jersey City Heights.

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Move to Jersey City Heights for Main Street Living

If you’ve been interested in moving to New Jersey or Hudson County, but are unsure what city or section is best for you, the many faces of the Heights community will assure you that life on the Palisades is definitely the right choice to make.

As the Heights is centralized in location and offers a great mix of demographics, it presents the best of all worlds. With convenient access to midtown Manhattan on NJT Bus Route No. 119 and at the edge of one the Hudson-Bergen light rail stops, living here places one within minutes of all the action of Northern New Jersey and New York City. Furthermore, mass transit is easily accessible via several other bus lines that run throughout the area.

With 240+ storefronts on Central Avenue’s easily walkable main street, the area makes for a pleasant and safe environment. Furthermore, an eclectic range of cuisines pleases all palates. The business district keeps shoppers coming back for more as you only have to pay half the sales tax at participating UEZ registered businesses.

Five parks and one 14-acre reservoir offer much open space for picnics and tranquility. Recreational sections within these natural reserves that include ballparks, basketball and tennis courts, tracks, dog parks, and fishing and kayaking, insure that you and your pet will receive all the fresh air and exercise you both may need. In addition, the large amount of public art available thanks to the growing artist community, allow for viewing within the park limits and along Central Avenue, giving visitors some alone time to escape from the urban lifestyle and expand their creative minds.

A high count of public and private schools are within the City limits, especially here in the Heights. Continually, religious worship of all kinds and many community organizations and block associations serving all different needs, only add to the friendly neighborhood feel.

With advanced education opportunities, rich history, unlimited entertainment, and accessibility to the entire tri-state, choosing to move to Jersey City is a smart decision. Yet, living here in the Heights takes this unparalled opportunity a step further. After all, the Heights wasn’t built and developed on the highest City point for no reason. Simply put, the Heights is the tops!