Central Avenue Bus Campaign Timeline (2006 thru October 2011)

In 2006, Central Avenue temporarily lost its bus service and it took the involvement of the entire community to get it back. The CASID continues to work with community leaders and elected officials to further restore and improve mass transit services along Central Avenue. For the convenience of our constituents, we have constructed this page to keep you informed on this very important issue.

In October of 2011, COACH USA Red & Tan has announced its official intent to discontinue service on both bus routes #4 and #99-S effective Midnight on November 6, 2011.

On November 7, 2011, NJ Transit took control of the line. Click here for updated information and current campaign to improve mass transit in the Jersey City Heights.

Bus Schedule and Fares (Scheduled to End November 6, 2011)

To view the schedule online, visit the Coach USA Red & Tan in Hudson County website and select Jersey City, Bayonne or New York as your origin or destination on the left side of the screen. If you are given a list of possible routes, choose Routes 10 & 99s and click on the Show Schedule button to view the schedule or download and print the bus schedule(s) provided below.

Bus Routes No. 10/ 99s

Fares:Rate/ Person/ Trip
10/ 99s to NYC from Central Ave, Jersey City$2.75*
10/ 99s to Central Ave, Jersey City from NYC$2.75*
10/ 99s to NYC from Jersey City/ Bayonne$4.00
10/99s to Jersey City/ Bayonne from NYC$4.00

*Note: Traveling between Central Avenue and the NYC PABT commuters can use a $2.75 promotional bus tickets ($5.50 round trip) which can be purchased in advance at Garden State News (366 Central Ave) or Mendez Agency Nationwide Travel (263 Central Ave).

More Morning Bus Service to NYC from Central Ave, Jersey City

August 23, 2010

Starting August 16th, COACH USA Red & Tan has increased morning rush hour bus routes 10/99s from twelve (12) to fifteen (15) pickups along Central Avenue in the Jersey City Heights.

With this improvement, commuters can expect a bus to New York City from Central Avenue every 15 to 20 minutes between 5:00 and 9:06 AM. Bus service along Central Avenue has increased 375% since June 7th traveling into NYC throughout the morning hours, further increasing the dependability of the Red & Tan line. 

By taking the No. 10/ 99s from Central Avenue, the New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal is only 15 to 20 minutes away. With the $5.50 round trip promotional rate, this service to Midtown Manhattan is the best in New Jersey.

Star-Ledger – Jitney minibuses offer a cheaper option for N.J. passengers, but ride can be risky

July 11, 2010

PATERSON – Cell phone attached to his ear, the driver of the jitney minibus responds to a warning that his nemesis is nearby. Losing to el caballo — “the horse,” jitney drivers’ nickname for a large NJ Transit bus — means losing a passenger fare.So the race is on as the jitney driver tries to beat the bus to the next stop.

A ride on a jitney minibus can be a trip to the Wild West, where few rules go unbroken, competition is a form of ruthless street capitalism and the faint of heart may choose to walk. Drivers chat on the phone over the din of music. Some slow down as they scout for potential fares in the street; some stop in the middle of the street beckoning to pedestrians.
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Jersey Journal – Most commuter vans found unsafe in check

June 21, 2010

NORTH BERGEN – Twenty-three of 33 commuter vans stopped for surprise inspections on Wednesday had to be towed away due to safety violations, said officials who acknowledged that the push to make the commercial vans safer isn’t working.

“Clearly the situation as far as these commuter vans go is that it is not improving,” said Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio. “They perform a service and we are aware of that, but the service has to be performed according to law, in a safe manner.”
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300% Increase in Morning Bus Service on Central

June 4, 2010

On, June 4th, at 3:00 pm, the CASID, along with COACH USA, held a news conference on Central Avenue. Mayor Jerremiah T. Healy, as well as Councilman Bill Gaughan, and Assemblywoman Joan Quigley were in attendance to announce great news.

Starting June 7th, COACH USA Red & Tan will increase morning rush hour bus routes 10/99s from four to twelve pickups along Central Avenue in the Jersey City Heights.  To encourage ridership and ease the transition, COACH USA will promote a $2.00 cash fee to New York City from June 7th – July 9th on this line.

“Even during difficult economic times COACH USA is coming up with innovative ways to attract their valued riders,” say CASID President, Michael Yun.  He continued, “Instead of cutting down on their services like many other mass transportation companies, Red & Tan will be taking this opportunity to provide more convenience and service to their esteemed customers.”
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Jersey Journal – Coach USA Red & Tan bus line adds stops to attract Heights riders

CASID Pleased to Report No. 10/ 99s Email Campaign Results

July 15, 2009

On June 1, Coach USA Red & Tan of Hudson County cut service in half along its No. 10/ 99s bus route. Jersey City residents, business owners, students, seniors, commuters, and visitors cried out for help with an online campaign that produced nearly 275 emails to the bus company and elected officials. Those voices were heard.
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Online Campaign/ Petition for the No. 10/ 99s Bus Route

June 24, 2009

Stop the destruction of the No. 10/ 99s Bus Line!!! In a matter of weeks, the Jersey City Heights may loose the only bus service operating within the Central Avenue business district. Don’t complain once it is done, take action now! In less then 30 seconds, you can help keep this bus service by lending your voice and participating in the online campaign for the No. 10/ 99s bus route.

Jitneys on Central Avenue??

March 2, 2009

In recent weeks, jitney buses have begun picking up passengers at bus stops on Central Avenue during rush hours. While there are jitney companies operating as they should in Jersey City, a significant percentage of jitneys are taken off the road for failed safety inspections, lack of insurance and unqualified drivers every time the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office’s coordinates a surprise inspection. Jitney companies can also be elusive and hard to hold accountable for any problems; one of the companies recently observed operating on Central Avenue reports an address that is located within an apartment building, and another gives the address of an out-of-state company that has no authorization to carry passengers in New Jersey.
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Jersey Journal – Surprise inspections snag more jitneys

October 30, 2008

Commuter vans in Hudson County continue to do poorly in surprise inspections. In Jersey City today, nine of 19 vans inspected were taken out of service and towed away due to safety or motor vehicle violations, officials told The Jersey Journal.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio said of the 67 safety violations and nine motor vehicle summons issued during the inspection at Jefferson and Summit avenues.
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The Associated Press – State inspection sweeps upset northern N.J. jitney drivers

September 25, 2008

Another large inspection sweep this week of the jitney buses that carry passengers between New York City and northern New Jersey has some drivers crying foul.

State officials insist the random inspections are a matter of safety, but several drivers are questioning why they are routinely forced to pay municipal tow drivers $700 to $1,000 per vehicle, sometimes to go just a few blocks to an impound lot.
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Gas Tax Holiday Will Keep Mass Transit Accessible

June 5, 2008

With the cost of gas breaking records, more and more Hudson County residents are taking advantage of the mass transit options available for their commutes. But many are unpleasantly surprised to discover how inconvenient the first leg of their journeys are after recent local bus service cuts. While the light rail is an option for some, its introduction into the transit mix has had the unintended consequence of undermining crucial bus routes that serve as a link between Jersey City neighborhoods and points north and south.

Bus companies are hurting as much as we are from high gas prices, and it’s time to give them some relief in the form of a temporary exemption from state and federal gas taxes. A gas tax holiday for all mass transit providers would level the playing field, allowing them to maintain current fares and routes.
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Jersey Journal – SAFTEY FIRST: Tow 16 Jitneys in Inspection Blitz

April 15, 2008

It was commuter chaos in the Jersey City Heights yesterday morning when dozens of commuter vans pulled over at an inspection checkpoint were impounded for safety violations.

Passengers on the impounded vehicles waited for more vans or got on NJ Transit buses, said Hudson County Prosecutor Edward De Fazio, whose office has been coordinating a series of surprise inspections.

Officials stopped the vans at Summit and Jefferson avenues and waved them onto Jefferson, where they queued up in a line as much as 18 vans long awaiting their turn at a state Department of Transportation mobile inspection station.
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Jersey City Reporter – A ‘bus’-y week for Jersey City

February 18, 2008

With all the problems regarding cutbacks in bus service across Jersey City, last week brought good news on the mass transit front. NJ Transit will extend the number 123 Bus so that it runs further down Palisade Avenue, making up for the change in route of a different company’s 99S bus.

The 123 currently runs from Congress Street in Jersey City to 30th Street in Union City, and through the Lincoln Tunnel into New York. Starting in April, the route will extend into Jersey City Heights, and down Palisade Avenue near Christ Hospital.
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Jersey Journal – BUS COMES BACK

Residents in the Heights will soon have their Palisade Avenue bus back, sort of. NJ Transit’s No. 123, which connects Union City with Port Authority, will soon continue an extra 1.1 miles down Palisade Avenue to Christ Hospital, officials announced.

Heights residents have been advocating for a return of Palisade Avenue bus service since Red & Tan/Coach U.S.A. rerouted its 99S to Central Avenue in late August. The extended route will begin April 5 and continue until at least Jan. 1, 2009.

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Jersey Journal – Riders ready to throw company under the bus

January 16, 2008

Outrage and frustration over canceled bus lines turned to talk of a boycott of Red & Tan buses after more than 100 people crowded into Monumental Baptist Church for a block association meeting Monday night. The No. 16 was canceled this week, on the heels of cancellation of the Nos. 3 and 5 in September. The No. 99 is expected to stop running in 30 days, while the No. 4 has three months before it’s expected to be discontinued.
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Jersey Journal – No. 4 Bus Doomed?

January 7, 2008

If ridership on the No. 4 bus through Greenville to the Jersey City waterfront isn’t high enough in the next three months, the route’s operator will shut it down, bus officials said. Officials from bus operator Red & Tan in Hudson County have said service on the No. 4 bus through Greenville to Grove Street Station will be reduced beginning Jan. 14 – it will no longer pass Exchange Place.
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Jersey Journal – Now it’s the No. 4 in, out of Greenville that’s taking a hit

December 28, 2007

After two major bus lines serving the Greenville section of Jersey City are eliminated, another line will see reduced service. Red and Tan in Hudson County’s No. 4 bus, which serves Grove Street via Merritt Street, will no longer stop at Exchange Place as of Jan. 14, said company manager John Emberson. Emberson, district general manager for Red and Tan’s parent company, Coach USA, added that buses will run less frequently during “off-peak” hours.
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Riverview Neighborhood Association Takes Lead in Addressing Transit Needs

December 13, 2007

The Riverview Neighborhood Association (RNA), with active support from the residents of Palisade and Ogden Avenues and the Central Avenue SID (CASID), is advocating for a long-term solution that would significantly improve the level of mass transit service available in the Heights. After researching the routes and schedules of all bus lines that run through the neighborhood, the RNA has determined that an extension of NJ Transit bus route 123 is the best solution to the current lack of service to New York along Palisade Avenue.
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Recent Bus Changes are Good for the Heights

August 29, 2007

We all know that new development and the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail have changed the way we get around Hudson County. Jersey City in particular has seen dramatic changes in recent years. As a result, Coach USA recently had to cancel routes 3, 5 and 231 and reroute the 10 and 99s. Coach USA officials based these changes on route studies that show low ridership along the old routes and the potential for higher ridership along the new routes.
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Jersey Journal – Central Ave. Gets 99s Bus

August 22, 2007

Trying to get to or from Central Avenue – one of Jersey City’s main arteries – can be a bit tricky. But not for long, bus officials promise. Beginning Aug. 27, the 99S bus will be rerouted from Palisade Avenue and will replace the 231 bus now servicing Central Avenue. Red and Tan Coach USA officials said the changes represent an upgrade for Central Avenue residents and commuters because the new line will travel farther and stop more often than the 231, which currently runs every 45 minutes between Hague Street and Journal Square, doesn’t run between noon and 2 p.m., and stops running at 6 p.m.
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New Commute Between Manhattan (via Port Authority), the Central Avenue Business District, Journal Square, and Bayonne.

August 20, 2007

When Coach USA Red & Tan of Hudson County’s announced that the 231 bus route would cease operations on August 27, 2007, Jersey City’s Central Avenue business district faced the loss of its sole mass transit provider for a second time. But thanks to the responsiveness of elected officials, the Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation (CASID) and Coach USA, the number 10 & 99s routes will bring improved service to Central Avenue. Full Story>>

Assemblyman Prieto seeks long term solution for Bus Service along Central Avenue

May 10, 2007

Assemblyman Vincent Prieto recently visited with the CASID Board of Trustees to discuss the Central Avenue bus line. Now with limited service, the old Central Avenue bus route 231 has become a distant memory for many Jersey City residents. Both the neighborhood and business community continue to express the need for a long term solution to their mass transit troubles along the Heights’ main shopping corridor, Central Avenue. Full Story >

Community Support Returns bus service on Central Avenue

March 17, 2006

On January 27th, Central Avenue’s only bus service, route 231 (traveling from Central Avenue in the Heights down through the Greenville section arriving at the new Jersey City Medical Center in the Downtown area) was discontinued. This action greatly impacts not only the Heights but all of Jersey City. While working with elected officials, the Central Avenue S.I.D. Management Corporation (CASID) spearheaded a campaign which ultimately restored Central Avenue bus services on a limited basis from Monday thru Fridays.
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Jersey Journal – Central Ave. gets free weekend bus service

March 01, 2006

Buses will run again on Central Avenue this weekend, thanks to a grant from the Hudson County Transportation Authority. And best of all – it’s free. Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy and Ward C Councilman Bill Gaughan will announce the program today at 3 p.m. at the corner of Bowers Street and Central Avenue. Full Story >

Jersey Journal – Central Ave. bus to return for rush hours

February 11, 2006

Rush-hour weekday bus service along Central Avenue in the Heights section of Jersey City will resume on Monday after a 16-day hiatus, Jersey City and Coach USA bus company officials said yesterday. But weekend and full-time service is still up in the air, they said. “Everyone got together and we all worked hard, and they all compromised,” said Mayor Jerramiah Healy at a news conference held at Bowers Street and Central Avenue. Full Story >

Jersey City Reporter – Residents in uproar over sudden end of Central Avenue/Heights route

February 11, 2006

Residents of the Heights and Greenville pummeled the mayor with questions last week after a bus route along Central Avenue was suddenly terminated. On Jan. 27, with less than a week’s notice, Coach USA/ Red & Tan discontinued bus line 231, which ran from Liberty State Park to Hague Street in the Heights section of the city. They called it a “financial decision.”

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Jersey Journal – NJ Transit weighing Central Ave. bus route

February 08, 2006

A new NJ Transit bus route could be coming to Central Avenue in Jersey City, but not for at least six weeks, agency officials said yesterday. State and local officials met Monday with representatives from NJ Transit to urge the agency to launch bus service along Central Avenue. Coach USA discontinued its No. 231 bus route – which ran from Liberty State Park to Hague Street in Jersey City – on Jan. 28.

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Jersey Journal – After Thursday, no more 231 bus service

January 24, 2006

Coach USA is discontinuing bus service on its No. 231 route – which operates between Liberty State Park and Hague Street in Jersey City – starting Friday, officials from said yesterday. As a result, NJ Transit is starting limited service between Port Liberte and the Grove Street PATH station – where no alternatives exist. The new route – No. 981 – will begin operating Monday but only during peak periods.

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