Capital Improvements

Central Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project

The Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation (CASID) is pleased to announce that the City of Jersey City has initiated plans for a Central Avenue Streetscape & Roadway Improvements project. This highly anticipated, and very necessary, rehabilitation project will be implemented this year (2020) and replace all sidewalks and repave the roadway in the shopping district. Additionally, this rehabilitation project will correct technical issues in the streetscape including lighting, compliance with State roadway regulations, and placement of new trees. Central Avenue’s very busy urban streetscape has received a punishing amount of wear-and-tear during the past 25 years. The CASID organization has advocated for these improvements a long time and greatly appreciate our partners at City Hall, especially Mayor Steven Fulop, the late Councilman Ward D, Michael Yun, Councilman-At-Large, Daniel Rivera, and new Councilman Ward D, Yousef Saleh, for giving this matter the attention it deserves.

The City of Jersey City awarded a professional service contract to French and Parrello Associates to prepare plans and specifications for this project in January 2020. A contract to Cifelli & Son Construction, Inc was then awarded in August 2020 for the construction. The City’s dedicated team of professional engineers in the Division of Engineering, Traffic, and Transportation will oversee this project.

In The Press:


After researching numerous tree species known for performing well in urban environments, male Ginkgo biloba trees were selected for planting on Central Avenue. The roots of these slow-growing trees extend vertically down into the ground. Ginkgo trees also have widely-placed branches that green the Avenue and offer shade without blocking business signs or reducing visibility for drivers. 115 iron grates were installed over the tree pits to protect the trees.

Trash Receptacles

To reduce litter on the Avenue, 80 cast-iron trash cans were installed. They are located just off of each intersection. These trash cans make a big difference in keeping the Avenue clean.


14 benches

Bike Racks

66 bike backs

Banner Poles

Three sets of banner poles were installed shortly after the main streetscape improvement project was completed. The banners hung near Manhattan Avenue and North Street welcome visitors to the Central Avenue business district, and the poles near Bowers Street are used to hang banners that announce special community events and initiatives.

The Future of the Streetscape

The SID continues identifying needed upgrades and repairs and engaging the assistance of public agencies and private businesses responsible for the upkeep of specific elements of the streetscape. For the sake of clarity, the SID does not control or maintain the physical conditions of the streetscape in terms of needed repairs or improvements. Individual stakeholders within the district and patrons are encouraged to report damaged streetscape elements directly to the City for a resolution. Together, we can keep Central Avenue a vibrant and beautiful main street for many years to come.