Whoppers Only $1.49 at Central Avenue Burger King

After just under two years managing a business on Central Avenue, Burger King Multi-Unit Manager Tejas Patel wants to express his gratitude to the many loyal customers who have helped make Burger King so successful. To show their appreciation, beginning Monday, April 25th, the Burger King on 330 Central Avenue will be offering a special, limited time Whopper price of just $1.49. That’s right, you can enjoy Burger King’s classic hamburger in any one of over 200,000 ingredient combinations for the same cost as your morning coffee.

These deals are unique to Central Avenue to especially thank the many customers here in the Jersey City Heights. He operates several Burger Kings across the state but has particularly enjoyed joining the Central Avenue community and meeting the many wonderful people who call this area home. With a top-notch staff including many Heights residents Mr. Patel looks forward to serving the people of Central Avenue and the Heights for many years to come and invites you to stop in, say hello and have a delicious Whopper sandwich made your way for only $1.49. This deal cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts and will only be available for a limited time so don’t miss out!

Craving a few Whopper® sandwich fun facts?
– More than 1.3 billion WHOPPER® sandwiches are sold each year worldwide!
– 221,184 ways to mix and match ingredients means countless ways to love the WHOPPER® sandwich.
– Emmy award-winning host, Ellen DeGeneres in her first stand-up act, ate a WHOPPER®, fries and a shake on stage.
– Over 11 million guests walk through the doors of a BURGER KING® restaurant worldwide each day.
– Hungry New Year! What day of the year holds the record for most WHOPPER® sandwiches sold? Dec.31.
– In the 10 seconds it takes you to read this fact, more than 400 Whopper® sandwiches have been enjoyed.
In fact, 41 Whopper® sandwiches are eaten around the world every second. – 1957 was the year the Whopper® was born
– In 1957, the cost of the Whopper® was only 37¢