Towing/ Booting task belongs to Jersey City Parking Authority

CASID Editorial

Councilman Steven Fulop led the opposition to an ordinance that would essentially transfer the duties of booting and towing from the Parking Authority to the Police Department. Councilman Fulop pointed out the serious problems behind the policy change and was correct in his objections.  

Anyone who has attended a community meeting in Jersey City has heard the words “not enough manpower” as it relates to police department and various public safety initiatives. Taking into consideration all the challenges they face today (i.e. drugs, gangs, quality of life issues, etc) more than ever the Jersey City Police Department needs to concentrate on fighting crime with all the resources they have.

Changing the current booting and towing policy as “an opportunity for the city to get some revenue” is a “penny wise and pound foolish” reason to further burden of the Jersey City Police Department and drain our City’s public safety resources. Paying approximately $210 million annually, Jersey City property owners pay more in taxes than any other municipality in the State yet receive less in return every year. Jersey City’s financial woes have more to do with how government spends tax dollars and less with revenue. If the City wants to achieve cost-efficient services and reduce wasteful spending, than now is the time to re-evaluate department administrators citywide that collect high salaries to determine if they are performing to the standards in their job description or if the City can continue to afford them.  

Parking and Public Safety matters are important to every urban business community. As such, the Central Avenue S.I.D. continues to support the efforts of the Police Department and Parking Authority in their mission to serve Jersey City to this end. The police officers that would be assigned to chasing delinquent parking fines would better serve the city by giving our neighborhood main streets a visible police presence especially during evening hours.

We thank Councilmen Steven Fulop, David Donnelly, Bill Gaughan and any other members of the council that agree and understand the importance of this matter and share our point of view.

Respectfully Submitted,

President Michael Yun and the Board of Trustees