Local Community Enjoys Spring Cleaning Event – Thanks JCIA & JCPA!

The CASID is pleased to announce that our Annual Spring Cleaning Event was well received and very appreciated by the local community. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for this event by thanking the Jersey City Incinerator Authority (JCIA) staff consisting of Mary F. Spinello, Deputy Executive Director, and Kisha Sebron, Administrative Clerk/ Operations Director, as well as Vito Guglucci, Jersey City Parking Authority (JCPA) Assistant Director of Operations, for a job well done.

As a benefit of having the CASID, we coordinate an Annual Spring Cleaning Event for our neighbors in the Heights. With the assistance of the JCPA, the JCIA provides 15 dumpsters over the course of three (3) days along Central Avenue side streets. These dumpsters were made available to the local community for their enjoyment between the hours of 9AM to 3PM each day.

We will also take this opportunity to give a special thanks to JCIA Enforcement Director Tom Harrison and Inspector Nancy Carbone for continuing to address garbage violations on the Avenue aggressively and professionally. Inspector Carbone isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and has never hesitated to accurately identify the perpetrators of illegal dumping. Her work has had a profound impact on controlling garbage eye soars on the Avenue and she has been a great asset to the community over the last two years.

We also thank Mayor Jerramiah Healy’s administrative staff consisting of JCIA CEO Oren K. Dabney and JCPA Chief Executive Director, Mark Russ for continuing to assign proficient representatives to the task.

The CASID and the Heights community looks forward to future collaborations with the JCIA and JCPA. Partnerships like that of the Annual Spring Cleaning Event improve the quality of life for residences of Jersey City.


President Michael Yun and the Board of Trustees