Korean Art Gallery at City Hall

Jersey City is home to various cultures and nationalities. It is a location that invities people from all over the world to live, work, and express their artistic skills. Which is why it comes with no surprise that Jersey City graciously played host to traditional fine Korean art and welcomed a world renowned Zen Master Gae San HyeSeong this past week. This marks the city’s first time experience with Korean fine Art and in celebration held an open reception on November 10th, 2009 at City Hall for the public.

CASID president, Michael Yun introduced Zen Master Gae San HyeSeong to the public and stated “Only a few people in the world have the capability to demonstrate such exceptional artistic beauty as Zen Master Gae San HyeSeong has. His powerful brush stroke trangresses his good energy he brings to all who come in contact with him and instills peacefulness into people’s hearts”.

When Zen Master Gae San HyeSeong arrived to the United States in 1979 and he came with a mission to introduce the Korean Buddhism teachings to the people of the United States. Over the years he became the founder of three temples; they are Mumoonsa Temple in Detroit Michigan on 1979 , also of the Bub Run Sa Temple and the Catskill Zen Monastery( Bak Lim Sa Temple ) at Castkill Mountain, NY. In addition, to his founding works he serves as the president of Buddhist Scriptures Translation HaeDong Society, the World Zen Tea Academy Center, and the Zen Art Society Catskill Zen Monastery. He has served as an inspiration to thousands of people and believes art works encourages the human mind towards reaching a higher level of spirituality and ultimately achieving enlightment.

Along with the fine pieces of Korean traditional art, the event had other arrays of enterntainment such as a classical performer of Korean dance, a musician playing the traditional Korean string instrument, the Haegum, a Korean opera singer, and amazing food with a side of very rare Korean tea. “This is one of the best performances, and art galleries I have seen” said Jersey City Deputy Mayor Rosemary McFadden.

The positive responses continued to follow with Councilman Brennan, Councilman Gaughan, Councilwoman Richardson, and Councilman Fulop. The night was full of enterntainment and in the spirit of celebration and unity, Youngkil Kim and Sun Kim from Bethel Industries Inc. donated a $3,000 check to Bill’s Civic Association for Thanksgiving Day.

Unity, peacefulness, and the gift of giving was visual at the event, but the gracious gesture came from Zen Master Gae San HyeSeong himself. It is very rare that a Zen Master performs his art in public because it is a personal and spirituality moment for him. There has been only a handful of times he has performed his calligraphy in public and given away original pieces to people. As seen to the right he kindheartedly presented his work to various people at the event and made the night all that rememberable.

For more pictures of the night check out the photo ablum on our facebook page.