Haiti Relief Efforts Inspires Many in Jersey City

The CASID and the Jersey City Heights business community joins the world in extending our thoughts and prayers to those who have been affected by the earthquake in Haiti. The hearts of Jersey City are with the people of Haiti as they rebuild their country.

In response to the numerous calls in the past week from various members of the Jersey City community, the CASID encourages those who can donate to do so cautiously. In the first stage of a disaster, such as the devastating earthquake in Haiti, money is needed to get trained rescue and medical teams mobilized and on the ground as soon as possible. Residents are encouraged to donate online through reputable organizations. The Jersey Journal has listed some local relief efforts.

Volunteers are also in short supply to help answer phones at local branches of the Red Cross or to help organize community blood drives. Currently, donations of food or supplies are not being accepted, according to the Regional Northern New Jersey Branch of the Red Cross in Fairfield, N.J.

Check back for local updates.