Central Avenue Renews SID Program for 2 More Years

Jersey City, NJ – The Central Avenue S.I.D. Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that at a Meeting of the Corporation that took place on November 09, 2010, an overwhelming 98% of the votes submitted by CASID members (owners of commercial properties and businesses on Central Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and North Street) were in favor of continuing the Management Corporation and the Special Improvement District on Central Avenue for an additional two years (December 2010 to December 2012). In accordance with our by-laws, CASID members vote every two years to renew the program.

The CASID was founded in 1992 to guide and promote the positive social growth and economic revitalization occurring in the City of Jersey City by providing supplemental management, maintenance, and improvements to the Central Avenue business district. Currently, the CASID oversees the Streetscape Maintenance Operation that helps merchants maintain an orderly business district seven days a week. The CASID also manages a number of successful initiatives to market Central Avenue as an excellent place to live, dine, work and shop, including seasonal decorations, a commercial campaign, a local business directory, quarterly newsletters, the website JCHeights.com, and the Everything Jersey City Festival. Finally, the CASID continues to advocate for Central Avenue businesses and the surrounding neighborhood community.

“The Board of Trustees would like to thank all members who participated in this very important function of the CASID,” said organization President Michael Yun. He noted that vast membership support is largely attributed to holding the SID assessment steady over the years. The self imposed assessment on an average 25 ft commercial storefront property within the district pays an estimated $370/ year towards the SID program. “The SID assessment had a modest raise only once in eighteen years as the Board of Trustees and our professional staff continue to find creative solutions and do more with less,” said Yun. “For this reason, our members are looking beyond the challenges of today’s economy with confident that their investment to improve Jersey City does make a difference.”