Bravo Hudson County Prosecutor and JCPD!

On behalf of the Jersey City Heights business community, we send our most sincerely condolences to the family and friends of Fidelina A. Carlos who was murdered last October at her place of business in the Heights, G&P Deli & Grocery. As a respected and well known local business woman, her tragedy has had a profound impact on the community. Her family’s decision to continue her business is a testament of her dedication and will to keep hope alive in Jersey City.

The CASID would like to give thanks and much praise to Hudson County Prosecutor Edward J. DeFazio and his team of investigators including JCPD Detectives Fermin Sanchez, Paul Matos, and Officer Scott McNulty for recently cracking this case. Their effort sends a strong message that savage behavior resulting in murder will not be tolerated in Hudson County.

There is comfort in justice being served which will bring some peace to the victim’s family and people of Jersey City. An incident of this nature was unimaginable much less foreseeable. It was, however, disturbing to learn that the suspect in custody has been in and out of the prison three times in the last ten (10) years. Perhaps it is time for the Hudson County Judicial System to better support our police department by getting tough with the “3 strikes” policy and enforcement thereof.

Fighting crime is everyone’s responsibility. As taxpayers, we expect our municipal government to provide police protection through prevention. Chief Tom Comey’s support for hardworking men and women of the JCPD such as Sanchez, Matos, and McNulty continues to pay off and is a compelling argument for his strong leadership roll in the JCPD. As winter fades away and warm weather quickly arrives, we have the utmost confidence the JCPD will take the proper precautions to deal with the anticipated increase to day and night time street activity. We look forward to Mayor Healy’s report on crime at the next Citywide Public Safety Rally being organized for October 07.