Assemblyman Prieto seeks long term solution for Bus Service along Central Avenue

Assemblyman Vincent Prieto recently visited with the CASID Board of Trustees to discuss the Central Avenue bus line.

Now with limited service, the old Central Avenue bus route 231 has become a distant memory for many Jersey City residents. Both the neighborhood and business community continue to express the need for a long term solution to their mass transit troubles along the Heights’ main shopping corridor, Central Avenue.

Many business owners have noted an estimated 20% drop in pedestrian traffic as a result of the fading bus line. “People complain every day about the Central Avenue bus” says Domingo Handal, Vice President-S of the CASID. “The new bus route is very limited and its schedule confuses people.”

Assemblyman Prieto, who also sits on the State Assembly Committee for Transportation and Public Works, has played a leading role in the Central Avenue bus issue. He is currently assisting the CASID on a proposed long term solution which includes rebuilding the route and a strong campaign to market the improved bus line.

“Central Avenue is depending on (Assemblyman Prieto)” says Michael Yun, CASID President. “A thriving main street community like the Heights must have reliable mass transit service.”