Winter Storm Alert! Snow Removal Reminder

There is a chance of winter weather this weekend, so now is a great time for a snow removal reminder!

In the event of a snow storm, proper snow removal will be enforced by the City. It is the duty of every owner, occupant, or person having charge of a building to clear the sidewalk of snow to the extent of one foot outside the curb in front of the building with removal finishing within 8 hours after snow has fallen. Violators may face fines of $100 or more.

For more information, read Jersey City Code Chapter 296 (Streets and Sidewalks) which includes sections pertaining to snow removal:

Thank you for your participation in keeping Central Avenue safe for those who live, shop, and work here! Remember: if you need shovels, salt, or other snow removal supplies, local stores like Novick Hardware (302 Central) have you covered.