Little League Sponsorship Opportunity

New businesses in the district often inquire about sponsorship/ branding opportunities with local youth sports. As such, the CASID office has reached out to the local little league organizations that operate at each end of our shopping district (Pershing Field and Washington Park). Sponsorships are now being accepted and information about each league is attached to this email.

Please note that each little league organization is independent and completely separate from each others.

Both organizations are in need of support and offer great opportunities for businesses to expand their name recognition in our neighborhood (The Heights). There are even sponsorship levels that may include banner placement in the park(s) for the sponsors.

For more information about sponsoring a little league team and the benefits for doing so, please contact:

Pershing Field (Manhattan Ave)
PONY League (package form hyperlinked)
Contact Person: Melissa Sarmiento
Ph: (551) 208-1432

Washington Park (North Street)
WPLL (package form hyperlinked)
Contact: Catherine Healy


Ph: (201) 306-9128