Central Avenue Tote Bags are Coming Back!

The Annual Reusable Tote Bag initiative has become a key success during the holiday season. This initiative is one of the many co-op advertising programs organized by the CASID over the years. We are excited to announce the contribution from the Hudson County Improvement Authority for the Reusable tote bag distribution. The local Central Avenue businesses will be coming into the new year ready by reducing their dependence on plastic bags.

Central Avenue Businesses Distributing 5,000 Tote Bags

The Central Avenue S.I.D. Management Corporation is pleased to announce that twenty-six of our local businesses have again sponsored the distribution of 5,000 reusable tote bags which will soon begin to spread to customers throughout the holidays. Central Avenue businesses have distributed 40,000 reusable tote bags since 2015.

A list of participating businesses is available below. Anyone who would like a reusable bag should request one during their next Central Avenue visit. The bags will be given away while supplies last.

Many participating businesses will begin to hand out the tote bags by December 1st. This year’s stylish Central Avenue/ The Heights tote bags come in two colors: Blue and White. Sponsors are listed by business name, address, and telephone number on the bags.

Angel Azul460 Central Avenue201-386-1770
Angel’s Recipe Ice Cream312 Central Avenue201-360-2399
Bond Drugs371 Central Avenue201-656-3900
Boost Mobile283 Central Avenue201-239-5777
Central Bistro403 Central Avenue201-798-6798
CFS Services518 Central Avenue201-553-2996
Dulce De Leche Bakery376 Central Avenue201-626-1888
El Sabroso Resturant414 Central Avenue201-216-1497
Eye Contact Vision Center368 Central Avenue201-659-2774
Fresh Central252 Central Avenue201-216-8690
Ginos Pizzaeria380 Central Avenue201-659-6464
Griot Café398 Central Avenue201-420-9444
Hauptmans Floor307 Central Avenue201-659-5195
Jang Star Taekwondo299 Central Avenue201-792-0797
Jersey Drugs286 Central Avenue201-656-4392
Joe Nachbuar, State Farm501 Central Avenue201-222-8866
Lava Hair Studio261 Central Avenue201-763-6241
Mendez Agency263 Central Avenue201-792-4188
Novicks Hardward302 Central Avenue201-659-0044
Pampita’s Meat Shop393 Central Avenue201-656-5555
Renato’s Pizza Master278 Central Avenue201-659-2232
Sabor a Peru280 Central Avenue201-272-6424
Salerno Deli453A Central Avenue201-653-8595
Valley Bank348 Central Avenue201-222-2626
Vegan AF291 Central Avenue201-420-8656
Wonder Bagel331 Central Avenue201-659-5300