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Reservoir #3: "It's an Oasis!"

Press Release from Mayor's Office

Contact: Stan H. Eason
Communications Director
(201) 547-5808

Mayor Reservoir Press ConferenceJERSEY CITY- Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy and State DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson announced that the defunct Jersey City Reservoir 3 that is located in the Heights section of the city will become a center-city oasis, a natural reserve and family park for city residents.

Healy’s announcement brought an end to the long debated issue regarding the future of Reservoir 3, a 13.3 acre parcel of land that some envisioned as a school, new housing, a sports complex, parking garage or a mini-mall. It was debate that galvanized many on all fronts where big business and development was often pitted against preservationists, historians and those seeking to add a little more green to the state’s second largest city.

“This thing has been debated for a long time, an issue that has endured through many administrations. But now the time is right to decide its future,” Healy said.

“The development in our city is storied and has been the key to our renaissance here, but it is just as important to provide open space for passive recreation, walking, jogging, and an opportunity for people to fish, canoe and appreciate nature,” Healy added. “We have that opportunity and we are going to make the best of it.”

reservoirDistinguished by its massive stone walls built in the formidable Egyptian Revival style, the Reservoir has become a contained lake of sorts and a sanctuary for fish and fowl. Many believed the area could be used for both housing and a mini-park. That debate is now over. “The Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance (JCRPA) applauds Mayor Jerramiah Healy and Council President Mariano Vega for their vision in preserving the Reservoir as a natural and historic park, and looks forward to working with the City for the best possible plan for the Reservoir, ” said Steve Latham, Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance. “We are fortunate to have this jewel here in the middle of our densely populated city. This is a great opportunity to open a world-class park for the benefit of all - from urban schoolchildren connecting with nature, to seniors getting a respite from the bustle of the city, to people boating and fishing on the lake, to families enjoying a quiet afternoon, to visitors discovering industrial age history.”