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Business Spotlight

Stanley's Prime Meat Market - 425 Central Avenue, Jersey City

Business Owner: Krystyna Godowska

Update: Stanley's Prime Meat Market officially closed in January 2015.

Owner Krystyna Godowska displays a few of the home-cured meats offered at Stanley’s.The window display of freshly-made potato pancakes, meatloaf, cabbage slaw and other goodies is a good hint that Stanley’s Prime Meat Market, located on the corner of Central Avenue and South Street, offers much more than just meat. In fact, it’s a treasure trove of all kinds of European delicacies - pickles, pierogi, pastries, stuffed cabbage, vegetable salads and soups, all homemade by owner Krystyna Godowska and her daughters Agnes and Jadwiga.

Why did Godowska open a market here on Central Avenue 10 years ago? “Because I make good food,” she says, “and there are so many people here who want it - Polish, German, Russian, Hungarian, French, Italian, Spanish, even American.” Besides the fresh items, the store also stocks European groceries - everything from candy to kasha to Polish brand juices and cosmetics. Fresh European breads are on display, and a newsstand also offers Polish newspapers and magazines.

But true to its name, Stanley’s specializes in high-quality meat. Godowska cures her own ham without all the chemicals used in conventional American cold cuts, and you can see and taste the difference. The homemade kielbasa is also a very popular item, and fresh cuts of meat like pork shops, sirloin steaks and chicken are also available.

Stanley’s is a hub for the European immigrant community in the Heights, offering a taste of home with many items that would be impossible to find at a supermarket. But the store also has much to offer food lovers of any nationality who want to try something new, made by hands they can know and trust.

Stanley’s Prime Meat Market is located at 425 Central Avenue and is open 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM Monday-Friday and 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM on Saturdays. Phone: (201) 795-0558.

Stanley's Prime Meat Market A sampling of the European grocery items stocked on Stanley’s shelves.