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Central Avenue's Annual Heights Halloween Window Painting Contest Winner Announcement 2016


The Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation, in partnership with the Jersey City Board of Education, is pleased to announce the fifteen (15) winners to our second annual Heights Halloween Window Painting Contest on Central Avenue. A short award ceremony to recognize the winners will be held at 11am on Saturday October 27, 2016 at New Heights Art Supply located 345 Central Avenue, 2nd Floor. All are welcomed to attend.

Three winners per grade/ group will be awarded ribbons recognizing their artwork as the best in the categories of humor, content, and overall composition. Each winner will also receive a $25 gift card donated by the combined efforts of New Heights Art Supply, State Farm Agent Joseph Nachbaur, and the CASID.

“This was extremely difficult to judge, all the participants did an amazing job,” said New Heights Art Supply owner and Senior Graphic Designer/ Artist Raquel Rodriguez-Fadraga who helped judge the contest. The other four judges include Jersey City Councilman Michael Yun; Deputy Mayor Vivian Brady-Philips; Joseph Nachbaur, Vice President-N on CASID Board of Trustees; and Lynn Hazan, ChicpeaJC blogger.

Jersey City Heights Halloween Window Painting Contest on Central Avenue 2016

In total, 120 students from the local elementary and grammar schools came to Central Avenue and painted Halloween portraits on storefront windows within the shopping district. Over seventy businesses offered window spaces for the kids to paint. Fifty businesses participated last year. The CASID expects that number to grow in the years ahead because this event was so well received by the neighborhood and business community.

“The students did a great job making the Avenue look festive for Halloween and we are already looking forward to next year,” says Sanford Fishman, CASID President. “Central Avenue appreciates the Jersey City School District and all of the hard work the art teachers and District Supervisor, Ann Marley, puts into this event making it a great experience for the kids.” Trick-or-treaters along Central Avenue will get to enjoy the artwork during this year’s Halloween festivities which falls on Monday, October 31st. However, windows will be cleaned and portraits removed starting on Tuesday, November 1st.

Councilman Michael Yun is very happy to see the window painting contest grow in his ward. “This event gives our students a chance to apply and share what they learn in school with our main street community. There is no reason why their young talents should be limited to a class room.”

Jersey City Heights Halloween Window Painting Contest on Central Avenue 2016

The winners of the contest, by category, are:


Nautica Serrano PS# 15 8th Grade Portrait# 67
Danitza Carimayta PS# 7 7th Grade Portrait# 13
Lissette Trujillo PS# 38 6th Grade Portrait# 113
Kelly Pinos PS# 8 5th Grade Portrait# 31
Shaun Saldivar PS# 38 4th Grade Portrait# 114


Jenna Espedilla Academy 1 7th Grade Portrait# 30
Mikele Lovely PS# 15 7th Grade Portrait# 65
Jayde Belser PS# 4 6th Grade Portrait# 5
Nikka Pitao PS# 38 7th Grade Portrait# 119
Mujtaba Raja PS# 25 3rd Grade Portrait# 97

Overall Composition:

Sandra Youssef Academy 1 7th Grade Portrait# 27
Gabby Casabuena PS# 38 7th Grade Portrait#110
Makayla Agosto PS# 4 6th Grade Portrait# 3
Philopater Saad PS# 38 5th Grade Portrait# 116
Julius Perez PS# 25 4th Grade Portrait#93

Questions can be addressed to CASID District Manager, David Diaz.

Jersey City Heights Halloween Window Painting Contest on Central Avenue 2016