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CASID Press Release

JCPA Board of Commissioners Reduced Parking Rates in Municipal Lots

Open Letter to the Public

Doing business on urban main streets is harder than ever before. Accessible, affordable parking is particularly essential to the survival of downtown business districts, and Central Avenue is no exception. Recent rate increases have caused some shoppers to avoid municipal lots and park in less expensive on-street spaces, leading to congestion and an increased risk of getting ticketed. However, I am pleased to report that even though it will come at a financial cost to them, the Jersey City Parking Authority Board of Commissioners recently decided to return the parking rate to 25 cents per half-hour in municipal lots. The reinstated rate will allow shoppers, visitors and local residents to acquaint themselves with the new multi-space parking meter system and take advantage of the variety of shopping, dining and services on Central Avenue. Also, the recently increased four-hour limit in the lot behind Burger King will allow Avenue patrons to get their errands done without constantly feeding a meter or worrying about being ticketed.

On behalf of the Central Avenue Special Improvement District (CASID), I thank the Commissioners of the Jersey City Parking Authority (Michael A. Holloway, Lonnie Sobel, Maureen Caporino, James McLaughlin, Christine Pisano, George Juchenewich, and Jack Tarantula) for their decision to return the parking rate in municipal lots to an acceptable level. I also thank JCPA Chief Executive Director Mark Russ for his willingness to use innovative systems and ideas to increase the JCPA’s efficiency. The JCPA’s partnership will do much to further the efforts of the Urban Enterprise Zone Program and the CASID to promote economic revitalization on Central Avenue and throughout Jersey City.


President Michael Yun and Board of Trustees