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Postal worker returns man's missing money


When the wife of a Jersey City convenience store owner accidentally placed the proceeds from Friday's sales out with the mail, the couple figured it would be the last time they'd see the several thousand dollars.

"I said, 'Oh, I give up. It's going to get lost somewhere,'" said Michael Yun, owner of Garden State News on Central Avenue.

But to Yun's amazement, he received a phone call yesterday from a manager at the Dominick V. Daniels U.S. Post Office in Kearny telling him a clerk had found his cash-filled envelope.

"I was very delighted," Yun said after he picked up the cash. "It goes to show that hard-working, honest people are the backbone of the workforce."

The clerk who found the cash declined a cash reward offered by Yun.

Darlene Reid, a U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman, said large sums of money accidentally sent out in the mail are found and returned about once a month.

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