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The Jersey City
Urban Enterprise Zone Program

UEZ_Logo Businesses located within the Central Avenue Special Improvement District may qualify for New Jersey's Urban Enterprise (UEZ) Program. Participants benefit from a number of tax incentives and other financial benefits designed to support businesses and stimulate local economies. Businesses registered in the UEZ Program can charge half the standard state sales tax rate on some purchases and may enjoy tax exemptions on particular goods when they meet specified employment (and other) criteria.

As of July 1, 2011 these benefits are available through the NJ Business Action Center website. Businesses can follow the step-by-step instructions to determine if they qualify for the program (Hint: the entire Central Avenue business district is an Urban Enterprise Zone). If you do qualify, you may complete your registration, reporting and sales tax payments right from that website.

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About the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Program

Over the past several decades New Jersey's business climate has changed considerably. There was a time when New Jerseyans worked, shopped, and lived in the same neighborhood and created strong communities with sound local economies. However, the persistence of sprawl, office parks, malls, and “Big Box” retail development has altered New Jersey's landscape away from traditional neighborhoods and shopping districts. If it was not for the State of New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Program (UEZ) many of the State's urban communities would have suffered the intense urban decay that has plagued other cities across the United States.

Recognizing the financial challenges New Jersey faced in 1983, some of New Jersey's most visionary elected officials created the UEZ program to revitalize the State’s most distressed urban communities. The program combined the creation of private-sector jobs with targeted public/private investments within these communities to give ailing economies a shot in the arm and a chance at renewed economic growth. Since its inception, thirty two (32) UEZs have been established in thirty seven (37) of the State’s most most-populous municipalities including the City of Jersey City. Over the past twenty eight (28) years the UEZ program has been a key factor in the stabilization the New Jersey's urban economies and job markets while providing incentives for entrepreneurs and small-business owners across the state to do business in New Jersey's cities.

Campaign to Save the UEZ Program

A bad economy has taken its toll and budget demands have forced the State of New Jersey to make cuts and tough choices. One choice that should not be difficult is to keep the tools in place that we need to create and sustain economic development. Like a carpenter needs his hammer, New Jersey’s urban business districts need the Urban Enterprise Zone Program.

Since 2010, the Governor and members of the State legislature have stopped investing in its 32 Urban Enterprise Zones spread across 37 municipalities. Given that the program needs some improvement through reform, eliminating it is not a responsible solution for these business communities nor New Jersey. Join the campaign to Save the UEZ now on facebook.