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Grants & Other Business Incentives

moneyNew business ventures and private investments are always welcomed in Jersey City. Whether you are a new or established business owner, consider the grants and business incentives available through the City of Jersey City for your business.

Note: Incentives may not be around forever so take action today!

The U.E.Z.

Businesses participating in the UEZ Program can access a number of financial programs designed to stimulate job creation and business growth. Click Here to Learn More.

Retail Facade Improvement Program

Business Improvement Grant (Max Value of $20,000): 1:1 matching grant to make facade improvements to business and/or building. Your business must be registered with the Jersey City UEZ to qualify for this grant.

Applications for both the grant and UEZ registration are available at the CASID office and the JCEDC.

The Jersey City Retail Facade Improvement Program is intended to assist Jersey City retail property and business owners rehabilitate and improve the facades of their buildings/stores in order to create a better shopping environment and make the businesses more competitive in an ever-growing competitive retail market. The available grant through the JCEDC is intended to serve as an impetus to the many property and business owners who may not have all of the resources to start and complete a project on their own. The matching grants will allow a property/business owner to start a project that they previously would not have considered unless the grants were available, or to do extra work as part of a planned facade improvement project.
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