Welcome to the Heights Section of Jersey City, NJ

The Central Avenue S.I.D. Management Corporation at Work

Administrative Services

You are a business owner on Central Avenue. You have a concern in regards to the district, local government, or your business and are seeking support. Maybe you are an entrepreneur who is interested in opening a new business and want to learn more about doing business in Jersey City especially on Central Avenue. Given that Jersey City is arguably the largest municipality in the State, where do you begin? You begin at the CASID office of course! Administrative Services

Business Development | Marketing | Branding

shopping foot trafficFrom Business Directories to TV Commercials to Seasonal Lighting Decorations, the CASID makes every effort to grab the attention of our potential shoppers and invite them to visit Central Avenue. CASID invites all its members and surrounding local businesses to participate in our marketing programs which are designed to suite advertising needs.
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Campaigns | Public Relations | Government Affairs

Shop Local, Shop Central Avenue Jersey CityA thriving business community is the result of a thriving neighborhood community. For this reason, it is important for the CASID to establish and maintain a strong relationship with local residents, block association leaders, and elected officials to keep Jersey City moving forward. Resources are invested in reaching out to the public via press releases, newsletters, mailings, attending public meetings, newspaper ads, and getting involved in important community campaigns.

Capital Improvements on the Streetscape

landscapeOne of the first major assignments the CASID embarked on after forming in 1992 was a capital improvement project to improve the streetscape on Central Avenue. Working with the City of Jersey City and landscape architecture firm Miceli, Kulik, Williams and Associates, the CASID developed a proposal which ultimately became a reality in 1996. Today, the CASID focuses on improving the streetscape appearance and shopping atmosphere by working alongside businesses to improve their facades and drawing local artists to the Central Avenue streetscape.




Creative Placemaking on Central Avenue

2012 Everything Jersey City Festival File PhotoCreative placemaking has become important to the experience and benefits of shopping local. Public art, in its many forms, can rejuvenate a neighborhood when done correctly. It brings new energy and vibrancy to neighborhoods. CASID’s art initiatives have grown out of the belief that creative placemaking contributes to the economic and cultural vitality of neighborhoods. We have access to the numerous artists that live in the neighborhood given that our shopping district is adjacent to the Riverview Arts District.
Creative Placemaking on Central Avenue

Meetings of the Corporation

Ideas to improve the Central Avenue shopping district needs a place to start. That place is at a SID meeting. Whether it is at a regular monthly board meeting or annual Meeting of the Corporation, business and commercial property owners have a place to gather, share ideas, address concerns on the Avenue with their peers, and can get things done by working together. The the SID provides an outlet for both the neighborhood and business community to be creative and take part in the growth of our main street community. Building consensus and collective decision making on the Avenue is an important part of the process and it happens at SID meetings.
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Public Safety and Security

The CASID continues to work in partnership with the Jersey City Police Department to address public safety concerns in the Heights and throughout the City. The North District Police Station is located within the district (282 Central Avenue) and thirteen (13) Closed Circuit Television Cameras are spread out along the Avenue.
Public Safety and Security




Streetscape Maintenance Operation

SMOOther than the businesses, what makes the Central Avenue Special Improvement District, or any commercial district for that matter, a desirable shopping destination? The answer is easy- because it is clean, presentable, and well maintained!
Streetscape Maintenance Operation