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Central Avenue Streetscape and Roadway Improvement Project 2020

The Central Avenue Special Improvement District Management Corporation (CASID) is pleased to announce that the City of Jersey City has initiated plans for a Central Avenue Streetscape & Roadway Improvements project. This highly anticipated, and very necessary, rehabilitation project will be implemented this year (2020) and replace all sidewalks and repave the roadway in the shopping district. Additionally, this rehabilitation project will correct technical issues in the streetscape including lighting, compliance with State roadway regulations, and placement of new trees. Central Avenue's very busy urban streetscape has received a punishing amount of wear-and-tear during the past 25 years. The CASID organization has advocated for these improvements a long time and greatly appreciate our partners at City Hall, especially Mayor Steven Fulop, the late Councilman Ward D, Michael Yun, Councilman-At-Large, Daniel Rivera, and new Councilman Ward D, Yousef Saleh, for giving this matter the attention it deserves.

The City of Jersey City awarded a professional service contract to French and Parrello Associates to prepare plans and specifications for this project in January 2020. A contract to Cifelli & Son Construction, Inc was then awarded in August 2020 for the construction. The City's dedicated team of professional engineers in the Division of Engineering, Traffic and Transportation will oversee this project.

In The Press:

Project Location:

Central Avenue between Manhattan Avenue and Paterson Plank Road (about 1 mile).

Project Background:

The last big streetscape enhancement project on Central Avenue was between 1994 and 1996 when the City of Jersey City undertook a $1.5 million capital improvement initiative for the area between Manhattan Avenue and North Street. That project was dedicated on October 30, 1996 and won an honorable mention in Downtown New Jersey’s 1997 Excellence in Downtown Awards. Since then, the tremendous amount of wear and tear on the busy urban thoroughfare caused streetscape conditions to deteriorate. After nearly two and a half decades sidewalks became uneven and patchy throughout the district, the roadway was full of craters from various utility projects over the years, lighting fixtures and sewer catch basins became antiquated, and the district was not in compliance with a series of new local and State traffic regulations. The need to modernize and rehabilitate the streetscape has been a pressing issue for the CASID. The organization launched a campaign in 2015 to improve the safety and walkability of the shopping corridor.

Project Cost/ Budget/ Funding:

The City of Jersey City will use State AID and Capital Funds to pay for this $4 million project. In 2018, Governor Murphy announced $161 Million in Municipal Aid Grants to 505 New Jersey communities including Jersey City. The City's State Aid award of $2,370,990 will be used to pay a large portion of the Central Avenue Streetscape and Roadway Improvement Project. There is no additional cost to the SID or its members.

The Plans:

With the help of French and Parrello Associates, Jersey City Engineers took great care to address the many streetscape challenges along Central Avenue in close partnership with the CASID and its members. Provided that the busy shopping district is ¾ miles long crammed with about 600 residential units and 240 storefronts, making the necessary upgrades to comply with local and state regulations was a huge engineering challenge. After careful consideration, the project plans for the reconstruction of sidewalks, installation of ADA compliant pedestrian access ramps, drainage improvements, LED-based lighting and electrical improvements, utility relocations, new signs and markings for two way traffic, bicycle sharrows, more trees, new cross-street banner poles, and other public use improvements. Once the project is completed, Central Avenue will be a safer and more walkable main street community.

  • All new sidewalks
  • New bicycle sharrows & bike racks
  • ADA compliant pedestrian access ramps
  • Maximum number of legal parking spaces
  • Drainage improvements
  • New benches & litter receptacles
  • New LED lighting fixtures
  • Repave entire roadway
  • More shade trees
  • Modern signage & safer traffic markings

If you are interested in reviewing the plans please contact the CASID Office to schedule a meeting.


The effects of COVID-19 on the local economy has been devastating to say the least. Additionally, the businesses along Central Avenue provide critical goods and services to the surrounding community. The City of Jersey City and CASID are doing everything possible to keep businesses open and operational during construction. Communication is key and the CASID will take the lead on this throughout the project therefore avoid surprises to local stakeholders. Sidewalk construction is expected to last no more than three days per location. Access ramps will be built for residential and commercial doorways during that time. The entire project is expected to be completed no later than 270 days after commencement.

Construction Schedule:

Cifelli & Son Construction is the contractor for this project. The family owned company holds over 40 years of experience and excited to begin working in early September. The construction will be phased in two blocks at a time to maximize work efficiency and least amount of interruption to the district. Construction will begin on Paterson Plank Road and move southbound as work is completed.

UPDATE 8/18/2021:

Here is an estimated schedule for the remaining work. Please note all dates are tentative.

Construction will being millling/paving on Monday, August 23rd. No overnight parking from 7pm-6am for approximatly 10 days. Milling will start on Manhattan towards Paterson Plank Rd.

Tree on Central Avenue

Communicate with Project Officials:

The Central Avenue SID will be the main point of contact and liaison on this project for the community and SID members. This is a huge project involving over 200 residential and commercial properties, 240 storefront businesses, and a very active commercial corridor with a building stock that is largely over 130 years old. Many questions, concerns, and special requests will arise which is why the CASID will take the lead to coordinate communication between project officials and local residents/ businesses to ensure proper responses are provided.

Please click here for the online form to communicate with project officials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will businesses be closed?

Businesses can remain open to continue serving the needs of Heights residents. Businesses are asked to remain patient before, during, and after construction. Ramps will be built for residential and commercial doorways.

How long will construction last at each location?

Construction will take 3 days to complete at each location.

When will the project be complete?

The project is projected to be completed in 270 days, not including possible weather delays.

When will the roadway be paved?

The roadway will be paved last and currently scheduled for Summer 2021.

Who’s project is this?

This project belongs to the City of Jersey City.

Who should I contact if I have a concern regarding this project?

Please connect with CASID. Complete this online form to communicate your concern.